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    EGYPT: November-December 2013.
    Dashur. Valley Temple of the Bent Pyramid of Senefru.


    The Bent Pyramid is perhaps one of the first pyramid complex with a Valley Temple. Here we see features that later differentiate  between those of later Mortuary temples and Valley temples. An unroofed causeway with walls of Tura limestone ran from the upper pyramid complex. The Valley Temple was excavated in 1951.


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    EGYPT: November-December 2013.
    Dashur. Black Pyramid of Amenemhat III.


    The Black Pyramid of Amenemhat III (Dahshur) is located 1.3 km to the east of the Bent Pyramid of Senefru. The first explorations of the Black Pyramid took place in the middle of the XIXth century and where provided by John Perring and Karl Lepsius. In 1894-1895 the Pyramid was studied by the French archaeologists Jacques de Morgan and George Legrain. Pyramid of Amenemhat III has a very complex internal architecture, unusual for the Pyramid Builders of the XII Dynasty.


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