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    Purposes of the Project


    Purposes of the Project




    1. Searching for the ancient artifacts. Analysis, studying, classification
    2. Studying and reanimation for the lost knowledge of ancient civilizations.
    3. Organization of expeditions, trips, visits to museums.
    4. Consideration for the outlook aspects of ancient civilizations.
    5. Comparison of own researches results  with the official science data , and also with the new alternative trends.
    6. The  historic facts analysis, events, documents, helpful to understanding the events of the Past. Filling of the white spots in a history of Ancient World.
    7. Collaboration with the organizations and societies for exchanging the information and practices in a similar questions and views.
    8. Promoting and assistance to the participants and the Project researchers  in their personal development and professional growth.  (Publication of articles, photo and video, results of experiments and etc.,)






    1. Independent views, equality in the statement of thoughts, assumptions, hypotheses.
    2. Impartiality to the facts and objectivity in conclusions.
    3. Mutual respect.






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