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    About us

    Dear Readers!




    As you are already here and reading this, it means that the history of our Civilization represents a big interest for you and you desire to understand what is left behind, being hidden by the sands of Time...


    The visitors of our site are people of different countries, professions and ages, who are united by one common purpose. This purpose is searching for the answers to questions concerning the mysteries of our Ancient Past, which has left the "white spots" on the map of the World History. 

    Our researching group has visited Egypt many times. Egypt is the country of the Pyramids, the country of the World Inheritance of the Past -- museum under the open sky.  And then deeper we plunged into the mysteries of the Past, trying to understand the facts through  understanding the common picture of the world. More new questions were left for us by the Eternity - the only witness of the Truth....


    ... It took place in El Giza, after returning from Abusir - the Land of Osiris. The evening sun has already hidden beyond the Menkaur Pyramid, having colored the skies of El-Giza with scarlet shades. We were sitting in a small restaurant, waiting for supper.  Our Egyptian friend, Yousef Awyan,  was sitting  at the head of the table. We discussed different questions, which had appeared during the expedition. One of the main questions was the purpose of the Pyramids. Suddenly, one of the expedition members asked Yousef: "If ever in the World, the scientists are able to learn and to establish the borders of the whole Pyramid Complex, to make all the significant measures and calculations, which would be enough for creating the model, including all its factors so, that in the frames of hypothesis "of the technical purpose of the Pyramids", could it ever be possible to make the Pyramids work again?" 

    Yousef left us alone for a moment in a silence and soon returned, holding some bamboo flutes in his hands. He gave a flute to each of us, one left for himself and, sitting down on his place, said: "You see this musical instrument? It is simple. Just a tube with seven holes in it. You can easily draw a 3D model of it. Moreover, you can hold it in your hands and see all it's details. Nothing unclear. Isn't it? And now - take it and try to play the music..."  We took the flute and at the same moment the unplanned concert of our expedition group suffered the absolute fiasco! "So , what I wanted to say?", - Yousef continued, - "To make it possible to use something, you need to have knowledge and practice.  Our purpose is not only the creation of 3D computer model, but also understanding the  logic of the pyramid builders and reanimation of the Ancient Knowledge. So, we need to study the puzzles of the Past from their different perspectives, involving the various areas of modern science.  And only this way, solving each problem in the frames of each kind of science, but following the common purpose, we can get closer  to the solution of that very question, which we ask so often. " 

    Then Yousef took his flute and a beautiful melody filled the silence of the restaurant hall... 


    Therefore, only together, studying the primary sources, creating hypothesis, searching for the facts and making researches, we can get the answers on the mysteries of the Past.


    Welcome to the Research Society on Ancient Artifacts! Per Astra ad Aspera!








    © ISIDA Project: Research Society on Ancient Artifacts

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