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    Main Page

    OSIREION - VII Mission is going on.

    Members of the ISIDA Project team, being a part of the Osirion-VII Mission saying Hello to all our guests and participants! Details of the current research will be published after the completion of the first stage of the Mission.

    Administration of ISIDA Project

    Views: 260 | Added by: ISIDA_Project | Date: 07.05.2024

    Alexa Levie
    Fayoum. The Palace of The Goldsmith. Qasr El Sagha.

    Views: 60 | Added by: ISIDA_Project | Date: 07.05.2024

    Alexa Levie
    Dendera.  Hathor Temple.

    Views: 61 | Added by: ISIDA_Project | Date: 07.05.2024

    Geoffrey Drumm
    The Mysterious Blue Stone Of Ancient Egypt


    Views: 355 | Added by: ISIDA_Project | Date: 06.04.2024

    Keith Hamilton
    The Bent Pyramid's Temples

    Views: 251 | Added by: ISIDA_Project | Date: 25.02.2024

    Lex Levie
    Ancient Odysseys

    ISIDA Project announces the YouTube Channel of our team member - Lex Levie. Welcome to Ancient Odysseys to explore and investigate the mysteries of ancient sites across the Word!

    Views: 222 | Added by: ISIDA_Project | Date: 04.02.2024

    Keith Hamilton
    Menkaure's Valley Temple

    Views: 409 | Added by: ISIDA_Project | Date: 08.01.2024

    Geoffrey Drumm
    Major Research Discovery At The Osireion In Abydos

    Views: 304 | Added by: ISIDA_Project | Date: 30.12.2023

    Prof. Dr. Ahmed Aziz (Former President of Sohag University),
    Ahmed M. Masoud (Sohag University),
    James Westerman (Head of the Mission Osireion-VII )

    Studying the Groundwater in and Around the Osireion, Abydos, Egypt

    In the frames of the Conference: Uncovering Abydos
    The lection is scheduled for: December 6th, 2023, 14:00 at the Egypt Exploration Society.
    Location: The British Council, 192 Sharia el-Nil, Agouza, Cairo

    Continuation of the Osireion-VII Mission, launched on July 21, 2023.

    Video  of the report "Studying the Groundwater in and Around the Osireion, Abydos, Egypt", made by Ahmed Aziz on the Conference "Uncovering Abydos" on December 6, 2023:

    Views: 708 | Added by: ISIDA_Project | Date: 02.12.2023

    Egypt Exploration Society

    A symposium on the history and significance of 125 years of archaeological excavations (1899-2024)

    This hybrid three-day symposium aims to delve into the rich tapestry of archaeological endeavours undertaken at the captivating site of Abydos over the course of 125 years. From the first excavations of the Egypt Exploration Society (directed by William Matthew Flinders Petrie) in 1899 to the present day, Abydos stands as a pivotal location in the annals of Egyptian archaeology.

    The discoveries unearthed at Abydos have revolutionized our comprehension of ancient Egyptian administration, society, and religion, leaving an indelible mark on scholarly pursuits. Moreover, Abydos has played a prominent role in shaping the very essence of modern archaeological methodologies, practices, and management.

    Views: 218 | Added by: ISIDA_Project | Date: 02.12.2023

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