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    Main Page

    Matt Sibson and Rudolf Gantenbrink

    Discovering the Closed Door Inside the Great Pyramid: The Upuaut Project (Full Documentary)

    "Last year we experienced the excitement around the discovery of the North Face Corridor, and in 2017 the Big Void in the Great Pyramid made headlines around the world. Such discoveries can inspire a generation of enthusiasts and that’s precisely what happened to me in the early 1990s.

    In March 1993, Rudolf Gantenbrink led a project into the Great Pyramid, guiding a robot through the four pyramid air shafts, and on the robot’s journey into the Queen’s Chamber Southern Shaft a major discovery was made. Gantenbrink’s work was ground-breaking. Nobody had ever seen into these shafts before. He discovered that the Queen’s Chamber Southern Air Shaft did not extend to the outer edge of the pyramid. His robot came face to face with an unexpected find, a door covering the shaft, with two metal pins protruding out of it.

    Thankfully, I have been given permission to publish the original 1995 documentary, titled Robot Journey into the Past, which document’s Gantenbrink’s journey of discovery. So, in this 1 hour special documentary from 1995, please enjoy this piece of history, as we remember the work on Rudolf Gantenbrink nearly 30 years later."

    Matt Sibson (Ancient Architects)

    Original website of UPUAUT Project by Rudolf Gantenbrink

    Views: 33 | Added by: ISIDA_Project | Date: 20.07.2024

    Alexa Levie

    Views: 57 | Added by: ISIDA_Project | Date: 16.07.2024

    Geoffrey Drumm
    The Lost Pyramid of Dashur

    7 years before.... On April 2017,  the Egyptian archeologic mission has discovered a part of the interior rooms of an unknown pyramid, located to the north of the Bent Pyramid of Snefru...

    Part I Part II

    Views: 62 | Added by: ISIDA_Project | Date: 13.07.2024

    Geoffrey Drumm
    The Central Pyramid Iron Veins

    Part I Part II

    Views: 74 | Added by: ISIDA_Project | Date: 10.07.2024

    Alexa Levie

    Part I Part II

    Views: 84 | Added by: ISIDA_Project | Date: 10.07.2024

    Alexa Levie

    As part of the continuation of the Osirion-VII Mission, we invite you to visit the oldest Monument in Egypt with Alexa Levie, a member of the ISIDA Project team. The first results of the Mission will be published together with the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities, after the analyzing the first results of the sudy.

    Views: 61 | Added by: ISIDA_Project | Date: 08.07.2024

    Keith Hamilton
    Djoser’s Step Pyramid Complex-Part II

    Views: 71 | Added by: ISIDA_Project | Date: 06.07.2024

    Geoffrey Drumm
    Geochemical studies of ferruginous veins in the Giza limestone Plateau

    Views: 63 | Added by: ISIDA_Project | Date: 01.07.2024

    Alexa Levie
    The Bent Pyramid

    Already for the several years, the main research team of the ISIDA Project, is involved into the two archaeological missions (Osireion-VII and The Bent Pyramid, our first expedition to which was carried out in 2012). Part of our group is constantly working in Egypt, carrying out the necessary research, the results of which will be officially published after receiving and analyzing of all the necessary data.

    In the video below, together with Alexa Levie, a member of the ISIDA Project research team, we invite you, to take a detailed journey into the most mysterious object of the Dashur Desert.

    Views: 141 | Added by: ISIDA_Project | Date: 29.06.2024

    Keith Hamilton
    Djoser’s Step Pyramid Complex. Part I

    Views: 165 | Added by: ISIDA_Project | Date: 01.06.2024

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