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    Main » 2018 » June » 4 » LUXOR: White Chapel of Senusret I
    LUXOR: White Chapel of Senusret I

    Expedition to Egypt. April 2018.
    LUXOR: White Chapel of Senusret I

    The so-called "White Chapel" is a small limestone pavilion, built about 4,000 years ago in Thebes, during the reign of Senusret I - King of the XII Dynasty  to commemorate the first anniversary of the Sed Festival in honor of the 30th year of the King's reign. The exact original location of the building is unknown, because it was completely destroyed during the XVIIIth Dynasty. Fragments of it were used by Amenhotep III as a building material for the III Pilon of Karnak.

    In 1924, the Director General of the Egyptian Antiquities Service, Pierre Lacau, ordered the Director of the the archaeological works in Karnak Henri Shevri to restore this very III Pilon. So it turned out that during the restoration work the Pylon had to be completely dismantled...




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