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    "She drove thine enemies away, she averted seasons [of calamity], she recited formulae with the magical power of her mouth, [being] skilled of tongue and never halting for a word, being perfect in command and word. Isis the magician avenged her brother. She went about seeking him untiringly. She flew round and round over the earth uttering walling cries of grief,
    and she did not alight on the ground until she had found him. She made light [to appear] from her feathers, she
    made air to come into being by means of her two wings, and she cried out the death cries for her brother.
    She made to rise up the helpless members of him whose heart was at rest,
    she drew from him his essence, and she made therefrom an heir.

    Pyramids Texts. Hymn to Osiris.

    is the USA scientist and researcher, who started his exploration of Osirion scince 1986 and continues till the present time, being a friend and partner of the International organization - ISIDA Project.

    << Click here to read the story and to watch the ballet "OSIRIS & ISIS" >>

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    Osiris and Isis ballet

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