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    EGYPT: March- 2013.
    Saqqara. The Persian Tombs.

    During March-2013 expedition, our group was lucky to visit the complex of tombs, known in Egyptology as the "Persian Tombs."

    All three tombs were discovered by the Italian Egyptologist Alessandro Barsanti in the early 20th century, during his archaeological works around the Pyramid of Unas in Saqqara.

    This underground structure represents the three vertical shafts with the section of 8 x 10 meters and 23-27 meters depth.  Each shaft has a "satellite" shaft with a smaller section - 1.5 x 1.5 meter. These "satellite" shafts are connected to the main shaft by the horizontal passages, located on the bottom of each shaft.


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    EGYPT: March- 2013.
    Saqqara. The Pyramid of Djedkara.

    The Pyramid of Djedkara is located in South Saqqara. Its original height was 52.5 meters and basement perimeter - 78.75x78.75 meters. The slope of the sides makes 52 degrees. Now the Pyramid is badly damaged and its height makes only 25 meters. The pyramid was discovered by the French Egyptologist Gaston Maspero in 1880. In the early forties of the XX century, the excavations here were made by the Egyptian archaeologist Abdel Salam Hussein.


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