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    Main » 2017 » June » 7 » RAMESSEUM: Mortuary temple of Ramesses II.
    RAMESSEUM: Mortuary temple of Ramesses II.
    Expedition to Egypt (March-April  2017)
    Mortuary temple of Ramesses II.

    "I am Ozymandias, King of Kings.
    If anyone would know how great am I  and where I buried, let him surpass any of my works."

    Inscription at the feet of the Colossal statue infront of the Entrance to Ramesseum.

    Pharaoh of the XIX Dynasty, Ramesses the Great, spent 20 years for building of his grandiose Memorial Temple Complex in Western Thebes during his 67-year reign, at the period ancient Egyptian power and glory in the XIII th century BC.

    For many years, Ramesseum was mentioned in historical chronicles under different names, such as "Ozyimandias Tomb", "Temple of Millions of Years, united by Thebes" and "Memnonium." The first name appeared while translating the King's name to Greek language from the ancient Egyptian "User-Maat-Ra", and the last one was given by the Greeks who associated the destroyed granite statue of Colossus, located in front of the Temple, with the legendary hero Memnon, the son of Aurora.


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