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    Main » 2013 » April » 18 » Photo album "The Ruins Greatness. Egypt: The Look into Eternity"
    Photo album "The Ruins Greatness. Egypt: The Look into Eternity"

    Author's works of Art-Director of ISIDA Project - Valery Senmuth

    Photo-album "The RUINS GREATNESS"

    The creative Director of ISIDA Project, poet, musician and photogrepher made a very unique polygraphic work. In this project he compared pictures, engravings, old photographs of ancient Egyptian monuments and landscapes with their modern photographs, which he made by himself. He made more than a hundred comparisons and chose the best. The project is still in progress and it is quite unique. It will be interesting to look at how it was seen a long time ago and how it looks now. Below are some examples. For purchasing a full-version printed volume, please contact the author and the creator of the photo-album  Valery Senmuth.

    Авторские работы Валерия Андросова (Senmuth)

    Photo album: "The Ruins Greatness. Egypt: The Look into Eternity"
    Author: Senmuth
    Size: 210х210 mm.
    Paper: 150 g/m2, coated;  bookjacket -  300 g/m2 (silver)
    Number of pages:  136

    The Ancient Egypt ruins: from the point of view of the last century travelers, artists and photographers.  The works of D.Roberts, V.Denon, G.Ebers, F.Bonfis, A.Perri, F.Teynard, H.Vayt, A.Beato, Karl E. Koerner, Carl Haag, C.Werner, C. Wuttke, H. Newman, M.Diemer, P.M. Monsted, P.Marilhat, and other artists of the Past, are shown there as the pictures, sketches and photos. Together with the old ones, there are also modern photos of the  Ancient Ruins, made from the same angle, thus virtually taking us back to the Ancient World of the Great Egyptian Civilization.

    This album is a virtual trip inside the Time across Cairo, Luxor and Aswan.

    For any questions on obtaining the album, e-mail to Senmuth.

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