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    Main » 2018 » May » 5 » Naqada. Pyramid of Nubt.
    Naqada. Pyramid of Nubt.

    Expedition to Egypt. April 2018.
    Layer Step Pyramid of Nubt.

    The pyramid was probably the oldest work that we examined.
    We have then no proof of the age of this pyramid, or rather, cumulative mastaba;
    but from the rudeness of the pit, and the complete absence of all trace of tools,
    it seems as if it belonged to the premetallic age.

    W.M. Flinders Petrie, 1896

    The town of Naqada is located on the west bank of the Nile in Kena Governatore. In ancient Egypt, it was called Nubt (from the ancient Egyptian word "nbwt", which means "gold"), and in the late antiquity was known as Ombos. Thanks to archaeological researches, the town of Naqada is known for its Eneolithic culture, dating from ~ 4400-3000 BC. Here, in 4 km from the modern riverbed of the Nile, and in ~ 300 meters to the North of the ruins of the ancient site of Ombos (Nubt), close to the modern city of Naqada one can see the ruins of one of the seven Minor Step Layer Pyramids, which are so little known. This pyramid does not have its own name. None of the artifacts, discovered in its environs gives even a slightest hint of its belonging to any of the ancient Egyptian Kings. So, for now, it is known only in the narrow circles of researchers of Ancient Egypt as the Pyramid of Naqada, or sometimes as the Pyramid of Ombos, and not much often - as the Pyramid Nubt.


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