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    Main » 2017 » June » 19 » MEDINET HABU: Mortuary temple of Ramesses III.
    MEDINET HABU: Mortuary temple of Ramesses III.
    Expedition to Egypt (March-April  2017)
    Mortuary temple of Ramesses III.

    Medinet Habu is a small village in the Western Thebes, located in 2 kilometers to the south from Ramesseum In the ancient times, it was called Janet and according to ancient legend, it was the place where the god Amon appeared to the World for the first time. Since that times, many pilgrimages arrived here. The evidence of it is the presence of the XVIII DynastyTemple, dedicated to Amon Janet, built during the reign of Queen Hatshepsut and Thutmose III. The sacred significance of this place subsequently prompted Ramesses III - the Pharaoh of the XX Dynasty to choose it for the construction of his own Mortuary Temple.

    The reign of Ramesses III (1185 to 1153 BC) was the last period of prosperity of the great Egyptian Empire during the New Kingdom. It was marked by the number of military events and grandiose temple construction. Egypt, which managed to preserve its fundamental historical heritage, once again entered the period of blossom of the Royal Power. That time - for the last time...



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