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    Main » 2018 » July » 23 » ABYDOS: The Temple of Seti I
    ABYDOS: The Temple of Seti I

    Expedition to Egypt. April 2018.
    ABYDOS: The Temple of Seti I

    "One thing I am certain of, the Temple of Sety still holds some secrets, as a matter of fact lots of them.

    One day a patient archaelogist may come to Abydos to investigate all its unknown and fascinating possibilities. Maybe he will stir the enthusiasm and admiration of the entire world maybe with something bigger and more important than Lord Carnavon's discovery of Tut-ankh-Amon's mortuary treasures in 1922."

    Omm Sety (1904-1981)

    The Temple, built by Seti I - the King of the XIX Dynasty, with its beautifully preserved bas-reliefs and texts, is a real "stone book" - one of the most durable storage of information, invented by its creator for keeping it for the millenniums for many of the future generations. More than 3 thousand years have passed, but this "book" opens more and more new pages to those for whom it was intended. Much has been learned, much has been explored, but not all. Time, nature and geology are taking their own. Slowly for us, but catastrophically fast for the Eternity, these factors are influencing on the pages of this priceless stone manuscript, which its devoted readers are trying their best to preserve as long as possible.


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