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    Main » 2018 » August » 9 » ABYDOS: Sanctuary of Osiris
    ABYDOS: Sanctuary of Osiris

    Expedition to Egypt. April 2018.
    ABYDOS: Sanctuary of Osiris

    " Of the home of this being who rose from the dead, and of the position which he occupied in this World nothing can be learned from the texts, but late Greek writers assert that he was a King,and they are probably correct. Only kings and chiefs, or men of high rank, are buried in Africa with the pomp and ceremony which must have accompanied the committal to the grave of the man who afterwards rose from the dead. The exact region in Egypt where his kingdom was situated is unknown, but about his burial-place there is no doubt, for all tradition, both Egyptian and Greek, states that his grave was at Abydos. "

    Wallis Budge,
    "Osiris and the Egyptian resurrection", 1911

    Whether Abydos was just a place of the final rest of one of the most Ancient Egyptian Rulers, or was it a flourishing city with a well-developed infrastructure, the administrative center of the founders of the Great Egyptian Civilization, which later became the World's oldest Sacred Necropolis... The time leaves us only the tops of the icebergs, carrying the echoes of the last events, on which it once stops, "waiting for a certain interval" before the beginning of a new round of History - either a breakthrough or fading. This very time interval - the "period of silence" over the duration of which many ancient knowledge, skills and technologies were lost, carried away the direct answers to our numerous questions. So now, the attempts to solve these questions are existing only in the form of hypotheses with varying degrees of probability. But as long as we are following these interests and our need to search for the answers to these questions do not melt away, our distant Past is not so far away from us, and we, from the perspective of today, just need to find the right approach to its understanding.



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