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    Main » 2018 » July » 23 » ABYDOS: Osirion.
    ABYDOS: Osirion.

    Expedition to Egypt. April 2018.
    ABYDOS: Osirion

    "Who would have thought a few months ago that at 10 meters underground there would appear a structure such as this, surpassing in grandeur the most colossal Cyclopean edifices?
    What a strange country this Egypt is! We were beginning to beheve that we had found all the great structures and that nothing more remained to be discovered.

    Who can say that this region does not conceal beneath the ground some majestic work of the most ancient Egyptians that may bring surprises as astonishing as those of Abydos?"

    Edouard Naville, 1914

    During his reign, Antef II has united all the Southern Nomes up to the First Cataract. After that, he encountered Heti III, his main rival for domination over Abydos - the ruler of the capital Hierakonpolis Magna of the XX Nome. Finaly, the army of Atef II won that war, and as the result the area, containing the Osirion (The Tomb of Osiris), fell into the hands of the Thebans. This fact has so much upset the Hierakonpolis King, that he decided to set peace agreement with Antef II, admitting that he was wrong and truthfully deserved the loss of this territory.

    4000 years have passed...


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