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Research works of Keith Hamilton
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ISIDA Project would like to announce articles, written by the independent researcher Keith Hamilton, based on the materials of the first researchers of the described ancient objects, as well as on the information, gathered during the expeditions of the ISIDA Project.

Bent Pyramid's Temples

Menkaure’s Valley Temple

Menkaure’s Pyramid Temple

The Bent Pyramid Revisited

The Pyramids of Pepi I, Pepi II & Merenre

The Pyramid of Teti

The Great Pyramid Void

The Pyramid of Unas

The Pyramid of Djedkare Isesi

The Pyramid of Niuserre

The Pyramid of Neferirkare

The Pyramid of Sahure

The Pyramid of Userkaf

The Mastaba of Ptahshepses: Abusir

The Great Pyramid. Part II

The Great Pyramid. Part I

Khafre's Temples, Giza: Part IV

Khafre's Temples, Giza: Part III

Khafre's Temples, Giza: Part II

Khafre's Temples, Giza: Part I

The Pyramid of Khafre, Giza

The Minor Pyramids of Giza, Part 3: GI-A, GI-B, GI-C III: GIII-A, GIII-B, GIII-C

The Minor Pyramids of Giza, Part 2: GI-A, GI-B, GI-C

The Minor Pyramids of Giza, Part 1: GII-A, GI-D

The Pyramid of Menkaure, at Giza

The Black Pyramid of Amenemhet III at Dahshur

The Subterranean Complex of Senwosret III at Abydos

The Pyramid Complex of Senwosret III

Qasr el-Sagha Temple

The Southern South Saqqara Pyramid

The Pyramid of Khendjer Userkare

The Pyramid of Ameni-Qemau

The White Pyramid of Amenemhet II

Mazghuna North

Mazghuna South

Khentkawes Tomb, Giza

GREAT PITS VERSUS SHAFTS AND TUNNELS. How might they have constructed the Lower chamber of the Bent Pyramid?

The Pyramid of El-Lahun

The Pyramid of Hawara

The Osirion

Khentkawes Tomb, Giza

The Great Pit of Abu-Rawash

The Subsidiary Pyramid at Meidum. (Is it a 60 degree pyramid?)

Mastaba el-Fara'un.

Mastaba 17 at Meidum.

The Great Pit of Zawiyet el-Aryan.

The Red Pyramid. The Meidum Pyramid.

The Bent Pyramid.
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