The Pyramid of Djedkara

The Pyramid of Djedkara is located in South Saqqara. Its original height was 52.5 meters and basement perimeter - 78.75x78.75 meters. The slope of the sides makes 52 degrees. Now the Pyramid is badly damaged and its height makes only 25 meters. The pyramid was discovered by the French Egyptologist Gaston Maspero in 1880. In the early forties of the XX century, the excavations here were made by the Egyptian archaeologist Abdel Salam Hussein. He has explored the interior of the Pyramid and found a mark with the name of the Pharaoh Djdkara and the mummy. The mummy was found in the broken sarcophagus in the Burial Chamber.

The Pyramid Temple was destroyed in ancient times. During the XVIII Dynasty, this area was used as the necropolis. During the excavations, a lot of fragments of columns, bas-reliefs and statues were found there by the archaeologists.
Egyptian archaeologist Ahmed Fakhry has found VI Dynasty tombs there.

The f
loor of the Pyramid Temple is made of alabaster, not of basalt, as we watch it in the Temples of the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Pyramid complex of Abusir and the Pyramid Temple of Userkaf in North Saqqara.

There is a large number of granit fragments with technological elements, found all over the Pyramid Temple area.

The exterior of the Pyramid of Djedkara and surroundings.












The interior of the Pyramid.

The interiors of the Pyramid of Djedkara has the same design, as the interiors of the Pyramid of Unas in North Saqqara.





In contrast to the Pyramid of Unas, the Pyramid of Djedkara has no any "Pyramid Texts." But some ancient inscriptions and lines, made ​​with red ocher are shown on the photos below.










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