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The Pyramid of King Djoser

External architecture of the Complex

The Step Pyramid at Saqqara is the oldest surviving in the world of the large stone architectural buildings, and also it is the first pyramid in ancient Egypt. According the official history version it was built by Imhotep for the burial of an Egyptian pharaoh Djoser around 2650 BC. e. The Djoser Pyramid has six steps, with a base size 115x125 m and a height of about 62 m.

The Pyramid and the East pyramid complex of Djoser.















The Southern home is located at the east side of the Djoser pyramid. There are a graffiti from the times of Ramses II on the walls of the buildings, which contains the firstly  found by archaeologists inscription with the name "Djoser" as the King of the Old Kingdom, who was burred  in the pyramid.

The Entrance to the South House and  the inscriptions are protected by glass in present time, you can see  below:


The expedition “December  2012” had examined the outer perimeter of the Djoser Pyramid and the pyramid complex.

In March 2013 next “Isida Project” expedition had an opportunity  to go inside the Djoser Pyramid. We will tell about it in the report of the expedition.

To go into the interior of the Djoser Pyramid - click on the South Entrance.

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