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    Main » 2016 » August » 9 » Donetsk National Museum of Local Lore
    Donetsk National Museum of Local Lore

    Donetsk National Museum of Local Lore.

    Being founded in 1924, the Donetsk Museum of Local Lore is a known as multi-disciplinary historical complex. It contains a precious collection of about 150 thousand items of history, archeology, paleontology, ethnography, old books, icons and many other artifacts of XVIII-XIX centuries.

    In August 2014 the Donetsk National Museum was badly damaged after heavy shelling of Donetsk city  by the Ukrainian army. As a result, the museum suffered great losses in its historical collection. The most big destruction was done to the north-west wing of the building, which housed the most visited exhibition of the museum, dedicated to flora and fauna of the Donetsk Region. The valuable collections of archeology and zoology items were buried under the rubble of collupsed walls of the building.

    A year later, due to the joint efforts of the Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Emergency Situations of Donetsk National Republic (DNR) the rescuing and restoration works started. Together with museum staff, they have rescued some surviving examples of the zoological collections from the rubble and debris of ruins.

    ... And Donetsk Museum continued its life. In the newly opened exhibition halls people can see historical artifacts, telling about all the stages of the history of the Donbas from ancient times to the present days: its geology, landscape, nature, and culture.

    Many of them are unique and are representing a global significance, being an integral part of the cultural heritage.

    ISIDA Project have provided the completion of Museum exhibits with rare books and prints of the end of XIX- beginning of XXcentury of its own library, devoted to the geology and archeology of the Donetsk Coal Basin.


    Official website of the Donetsk National Museum of Local Lore (in Russian):

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