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    Keith Hamilton
    Mazghuna South

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    Views: 518 | Added by: 7th_Guest | Date: 14.06.2019

    Expedition to Egypt. April 2019
    Giza. The Tomb of Ra"Wer III


    Views: 483 | Added by: 7th_Guest | Date: 01.06.2019

    Expedition to Egypt. April 2019
    The Tomb of Khentkaus

    The grandiose ancient monument, which in its early stages of research was considered to be the fourth Pyramid of Giza and the resting place of Shepseskaf - the last King of the IV Dynasty, is located closely to the Pyramid Complex of the King Menkaure in the Great Necropolis of Giza.


    Views: 523 | Added by: 7th_Guest | Date: 24.05.2019

    Keith Hamilton
     How might they have constructed the Lower chamber of the Bent Pyramid?

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    Views: 455 | Added by: 7th_Guest | Date: 16.05.2019

    Expedition to Egypt. April 2019
    The Pyramid of Teti

    The Pyramid of Teti, was discovered by British Egyptologist John Perring in 1839. But only 43 years later, in 1882, after discovering of the First Pages of the Book of the Dead in the depths of the Pyramid of Unas, French Egyptologist Gaston Maspero has found its next Chapters here in the Burial Chamber of the VI Dynasty King Teti.


    Views: 457 | Added by: 7th_Guest | Date: 12.05.2019

    Expedition to Egypt. April 2019
    The Pyramid of Unas

    The (glorified) humanity bewail you after the Imperishable Stars have carried you.
    Burial Chamber, South Wall,
    Utterance 214:39


    Views: 513 | Added by: 7th_Guest | Date: 03.05.2019

    Keith Hamilton
    The Pyramid of El-Lahun

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    Views: 529 | Added by: 7th_Guest | Date: 03.05.2019

    Expedition to Egypt. April 2019
    Grand Egyptian Museum

    In April 2019, due to the Ministry of Antiquities of Egypt and the assistance of the Centre for Egyptological Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (CESRAS), the Creative Director of ISIDA Project was granted the unique opportunity to visit the construction site of the museum as well as some laboratories of the Conservation Center.


    Views: 531 | Added by: 7th_Guest | Date: 21.04.2019

    Expedition to Egypt. April 2019
    Tomb of Khufukhaf I

    The tomb of Khufukhaf I, the son of King Khufu and Queen Henutsen was discovered by George Andrew Reisner - an American archaeologist, who headed the excavations in the royal necropolis at the foot of the Great Pyramids of Giza in the beginning of the 20th century.


    Views: 489 | Added by: 7th_Guest | Date: 19.04.2019

    Grand Egyptian Museum

    Creative Director of ISIDA Project, Valery Senmuth was granted a unique opportunity to visit the largest archaeological museum in the World - the Grand Egyptian Museum, scheduled to be open in 2020. The visit included several laboratories of the Concervetion Center, the main entrance where the statue of Ramses II is located, as well as the construction site of the Museum itself.

    Views: 526 | Added by: 7th_Guest | Date: 08.04.2019

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