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    Photo album: Ruins of Ancient Egypt

    Photo album GREATNESS of RUINS. EGYPT: VIEW OF ETERNITY Author: Senmuth Size: 210х210 mm. Paper 150 g/m2 coated; a cover 300 g/m2 (silver) 136 pages, KBS gluing. Ruins of Ancient Egypt: with what them were seen by travelers, painters and photographers of the last centuries. D.Roberts, V.Denon, G.Ebers, F.Bonfis, A.Perri, F.Teynard, H.Vayt, A.Beato, Karl E. Koerner, Carl Haag, C.Werner, C. Wuttke, H. Newman, M.Diemer, P.M. Monsted, P.Marilhat, etc. represented them in the pictures, sketches and photos. Architectural ruins of former greatness of the Egyptian civilization of the Ancient World with what I saw them, through a matrix of digital photoequipment. Pictures were made during numerous trips to the country of Pharaohs. This album - comparison of historical architectural objects and any Egyptian plots from Cairo to Aswan centuries later.


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