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There is a small building, located in the desert, to the north-east of the Fayum Oasis. It is built of sandstone blocks, arranged in a style of "polygonal masonry." The walls of the building are not decorated with any drawings or inscriptions. First archaeological works here took place in 1884 by Baltic-German researcher George Schweinfurt. During the excavations in this area, the archeologists found the ruins of two of settlements of the Middle Kingdom and the cemetery.

In this photo-report we shall focus only on the limestone building and its architectural features.


There is a large number of scattered fragments of sandstone blocks, located around the buildings, especially from its southern part. These blocks, unlike masonry blocks, forming the walls of the building, have suffered strong erosion.


The Interior wall surface of the building are not much suffered from erosion. But the traces of the earthquakes are clearly visible. It is well seen on masonry joints and partly displaced blocks of the walls in the gallery with the niches.


It is difficult even to assume when and what for this small building was constructed here in the Fayoum desert to the north-east of the Moeris Lake. But the photographic material (shown above) points on the identical architectural techniques, used in construction of Osireion at Abydos and Granite Temple of Khafre in Giza ...

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