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All the surviving monuments of Memphis, found during the excavations of various archaeological missions are placed in a special museum, located near the village of Mit Rahina. During the excavation of Memphis, conducted by the Italian archaeologist Caviglia and English archaeologist Sloan in 1820 - a ten-meter (without feet) statue of Ramses II was discovered. It is made of a single piece of limestone. The legs and the pedestal of the statue was not found. The total height of the statue (with legs), probably, reached 13 meters. The statue holds two seals in each hand. The seals, as well as the belt are carved with a cartouches of Ramses II. Herodotus also mentioned this statue in his works, but called it the statue of Senusret (Sesostris).

Photo: Sebah Pascal, 1880

Photo: Sebah Pascal, 1880

Now the restored statue of Ramses II is located inside the museum, specially built around it.


The fragments of monuments, found around the city are collected and can be found in the museum under the open air, outside the main building.

The alabaster Sphinx is standing on the alley of the Memphis museum. Its length is 8 meters, and it is dated by the XVIII dynasty. There is also another one colossus of Ramesses II, made ​​of rose granite. A numerous fragments of statues, steles and architecture elements can be found along the alley of the Memphis Museum.


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