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In the Karmus area, located on the street of Amud-el-Savary, there is a granite columnon, towering on a hill. This column is more familiar to people as the " Pompey's Pillar " - the highest monument in ancient Alexandria. This name was given to it by the Crusaders, who had captured the ancient city. But the column has no any relation to Pompey the Great at all. It was built at the end of IV century BC in honor of Diocletian, who had capture the city of Alexandria.

Monolith, made of the red Aswan granite, is 20.75 meters height. It's base diameter - is 2.77 meters; it's capital - 2.3 meters; its total height ( including pedestal ) - 26.85 meters; it's weighs - is almost 300 tons. The Diocletian Pillar - is the largest triumphal column, constructed by the Romans outside their imperial capital cities such as Rome and Constantinople .


Archeologists found out, that Diocletian Pillar was placed in the middle of the Serapeum Galleries, which consisted of 400 columns. Reconstruction of the site is shown below:




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