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The Pyramid of Haba

"The Round Pyramid" or "Step Pyramid", is located in two kilometers from the Giza in Zaviet el-Arian. Today, it is completely destroyed.

The Round Pyramid is regarded to be the Pyramid of to Pharaoh Haba - the last King of the Third Dynasty of the Old Kingdom. Its base - is 14 rows of limestone blocks masonry. Its "Burial chamber" is carved inside the natural rock under the Pyramid. There is a staircase and a gallery leading to it from the north-eastern entrance, which is not-accessible now. Outside of the pyramid, there is another gallery, made in the bedrock, and streaching to the north-east and to the north and north-west of the Pyramid. This gallery has 32 niches.

The first mention of this pyramid refers to the year 1839, when it was discovered by the English archaeologist John Perring. A little later, a German archaeologist Karl Lepsius has included the Pyramid to The his Pyramid's List under the number "14". In 1896, French archaeologist Jacques de Morgan made an entrance into the interior of the Pyramid. In 1900, the Italian archaeologist Alexander Barsanti has begun his exploration work of the Pyramid. The Pyramid was also studed by American archaeologists George Andrew Reisner and Clarence Fisher.

  • Pyrimeter of the Pyramid - 83x83 m
  • Original height - about 45 m
  • Today height ~ 17 m
  • The slope of the sides - 68 °
  • The slope of the basement masonry (to the center of the Pyramid) - 22 °
  • The number of steps of the Pyramid - 5 ~ 7.










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