The Pyramid of Teti

The Pyramid of Teti (the first pharaoh of VI Dynasty of the Old Kingdom) is located in the north-east of the Pyramid of Djoser. According to the official data, the original height of the Pyramid was 52.5 meters, and length of the side - 78.5 meters.

The Pyramid of Teti was discovered in 1882 by Gaston Maspero. Later, during the period of 1907 to 1965, it was studied by several archaeological missions.

This is the second Pyramid in Egypt (after the Pyramid of Unas), which has texts in its main Burial Chamber. Excavations here have revealed the Satellite Pyramid, the Pyramid Temple and two Pyramids of the Queens.

The exterior part of the Pyramid is badly damaged and looks like a small hill. The interior part is in good condition.


Remains of the Pyramid buildings on the east side of the Pyramid of Teti.














The interiors and sarcophagus.

The Pyramid

Descending Passage width - 1.10 m
Descending Passage height - 1.35 m
Descending Passage slope - 24-24,5 degrees.
Two granite portcullis (width) - 0.77 m
Horizontal Passage - 1,10 x1, 35 m
The sarcophagus

Material - grey sandstone (graywacke) Internal length -1.997 m
Internal width - 0,684 m
External length - 2,777 / 2,785 m
External width - 1.30 m
External height - 1,237 m
Side wall thickness - 0,308 m
Back wall thickness - 0,420 m
Lid thickness - 0,308 m











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