Quartzite Sarcophagus in the Desert

The railroad is crossing the Desert in two kilometers to the North of the Red Pyramid. It lies a few meters below the level of sands of Saqqara. This depth is explained by the fact, that the construction of the railway line was made on the hard ground, bypassing the mobile geological layers of the desert. So, here we can easily see the the structure of the geological layers of Saqqara. These layers, which in some places include the fossilized fragments of trees, can tell us a lot. We shall pay special attention to it during the next expedition.

In this report shall focus on one single artifact - quartzite sarcophagus, which, probably, was found during the removing these geological layers, while construction the railway though the Saqqara Desert.






As shown on the photos above, the sarcophagus is processed only halfway. The outer part of the bottom of it is a raw rock. One would assume that the sarcophagus is incomplete device. On the other hand, we can assume, that this non-processed part was just buried into the ground, thereby being strongly fixed.

The alike quartzite sarcophagus with similar artifacts is standing in the Cairo Museum. It will be discussed in the chapter, devoted to Cairo Museum.


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