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The Temple of Khnum

The city of Esna is located on the west bank of the Nile in 54 km to the south from Luxor and 49 kilometers to the north-west from Edfu. Temple of Khnum, the God-Creator, is located at the very center of the city, 10 meters below the ground level.
Orientation of the temple - 50 deg. to the East.
The radiation background inside the Temple does not exceed - 10mkR / h


Let's go around the building and look at it's details.

The walls of the Temple are standing on the foundation, formed by the limestone blocks (photo 2, the first row). The exterior walls have slope - 85 88 deg., and internal walls are vertical. This feature is inherent in the temples of Kom Ombo, Edfu, and Dendera.

There is only one wall, which remained from the more ancient building, which ever existed here, before the Temple of Khnum was built on it's ruins. This wall has its own foundation, which does not fit with the Temple foundation. It is possible to assume, that the hall with colonnade was attached to a certain ancient construction.

The fact that the back side of the building, before the ancient reconstruction, was its facade is mentioned in the article:
"Egyptian monuments (A detailed guide to the archaeological sites of the Nile Valley and desert areas of Egypt)".












The bas-reliefs on the outside of the Temple.




The facade of the Temple.




The interior of the Temple.











Various pieces of artwork are exhibited outside the Temple.


The Temple of Khnum at Esna is waiting for its visitors - historians, engineers, and researchers. Everyone, who is interested in the history of ancient Egypt, from its different sides.

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