Bent Pyramid of Sneferu

Dahshur. Bent Pyramid of Sneferu. Senefru, Se-Nefer-U, as it was called by the Ancient Egyptians. So we know this Pyramid as the Pyramid of Sneferu till now. But the story of Pyramid's name, as the name of the Pharaoh of the Old Kingdom is covered by the mystery of the thousands of years. Meantime, the most mysterious and inaccessible Pyramid of Egypt pleases the eye with its elegant and original forms, towering among the yellow sands of Dhashur in the bright glare of the Sun, under the shade of a cloud, or in the morning mist. The Pyramid is closed to the public due to its complex and dangerous interior. It took us a year for preparing the journey incide. During this time we raised all the available material on the Internet. But, unfortunately, the photographic material was almost absent. Relying on the schemes and drawings of the first researchers of the Bent Pyramid (John Perring, Ahmed Fakhry, and Hassan Mustafa), we entered it's internal structure to show you what has been hidden behind the iron door of the North Descending Passage.

  • 1839 John Perring was the first to explore the internal rooms of the Pyramid and penetrate the Upper Passage and Chamber.

  • 1882 Flinders Petrie investigated the North Entry of the Pyramid.

  • 1946-1949 Abdel-Salam Hussein spent four seasons working in the Pyramid until his death. Unfortunately, his notes were lost.

  • 1951-1955 Ahmed Fakhry spent four seasons at the site, but most of his report deals with the exterior Pyramid Complex.

  • 1962 Vito Maragioglio and Celeste Rinaldi published a detailed de- scription and large-scale drawings of the interior and exterior of the Bent Pyramid, as part of their two-decade study of the Memphite Pyramids.

  • 1997 Andrew Bayuk - was the first, who had published color photographs taken inside the Bent Pyramid. You can see them on his web-site:"Guardians Dahshur".

  • 2001 Charles Rigano entered the Bent Pyramid interior and published an article in the journal "The Ostracon".
  • 2012 Bent Pyramid opened its Doors to the research group of ISIDA-Project.

The ISIDA Project Administration and expedition members would like to express sincere gratitude to Egyptian Historians Yousef and Patricia Awyan for their kind assistance in organization of the journey "Inside the Bent".

Welcome into the Bent Pyramid of Sneferu...

We recommend to browse the photographic material in the following order, as it shown in the Contents:



Northern Passage and Antechamber

Lower Chamber and "Chimney"

The Connecting Tunnel

Horizontal Passage and Portculis system

The Upper Chamber


We would like to introduce you the very first PDF photo-album and also a music album "Inside the Bent", dedicated to the Bent Pyramid, which was created by Valery Senmuth, the member of the expedition 2012.


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