Quartzite Quarries

During the third expedition, our group has examined two interesting areas, not visited before.

Last year we had examined the district of Gebel Khnum. We were interested in finding the remnants of silificated sandstone billets, but  high-tech tool traces of ancient mining tools were not be found.



Unfortunately, this year we also failed to find any high-tech tool traces of ancient tools in Gebel Tingar and Gebel Gulab areas. These quarries were too much consumed. According to available pictures, found in geological reports of European researches, who worked in these areas, some fragments of finished rock surfaces have a very high quality traces and even a straight-line extracting of stone.

However, the surface quality was  much more worse at real. In addition, the billets  with such traces appeared to be not the silificated sandstone, but simple sandstone. In our opinion, the tool-traces, we found there, could be a work of a hand-tool.

In comparison with Gebel Khnum, we note, that their location is more convenient in relation to the Nile river. It is almost twice closer to the waterway and it make easier the displacement for the mined stones.

We have still a chance to find a trace of high-tech tools in the quartzite quarries, which are located in the Sahara Desert on the west bank of  Nile around the city of Aswan. A very large area of ​​the quarry appeared to be difficult for quick examining of it. Two most interesting points were examined by our expedition during 2011-2012.  But this research work is not for a brief trip, but for a long geological expedition.

Flat surfaces:


 A general view of the quarry:



We would like to mention the other points, which seemed much interesting for us. In particular, there is a big quantity of the "melted stones" at the hill area:


Among the fragments of stones, we have found, presumably, a meteorite stone. It's the density makes 4.1 g/cm3, what is much higher than the normal value for the minerals of that places ~ 2.5-2.7 g/cm3:


Also, we would like to note the unusual color mix of one stones, which we found there:


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