Granite quarries and the Obelisk

The unfinished Obelisk of 42-meters length is located on the east bank of Nile river, in one kilometer from the city center of Aswan, in the quarries of red granite.


Firstly, let us look at the general view of the granite quarries.


Now - the details. During our last expedition we found a strange artifact.  It exists in the north-eastern edge of the Unfinished Obelisk. This artifact attracted interest of our research team, and subsequently caused interest among our readers.

After the previous expedition (2011), we tried to find any information concerning this artifact, but all our searches appeared in vain. Therefore, during the expedition 2012 we paid more attention for the similar traces in the Aswan granite quarries. The results are shown below.

North-east wall of the Obelisk and one of the western quarry pits (the last two pictures in the second row).



The logical regularity of location of these strange artifact was not detected.  But the fact remains the fact.

The second important point of our plan, was the attempt to take pictures from inside the north-east pit, which has a bend in the direction of the base of the Obelisk. The bend begins on the depth of 5 meters, so we used the "fishing" method. The camera, attached to the fishing line, was launched down to the technically possible depth. Results are in front of you:



Further, while the thorough inspection of the Obelisk, we found one more mysterious artifact on its horizontal surface. These two parallel lines continue along the whole surface of the Obelisk. Here are they:


The distance among this parallel lines makes 20 cm. This artifact looks like a technological "track", left by some equipment during the Obelisk quarrying.

The measurements of sloping, orientation and granit radiation of the Obelisk are shown below.


The next pictures are showing the grooves,  left in the rock, as the result of separation the Obelisk from the main rock. Let's examine them carefully:



The last two pictures are showing the artifacts of separation of the Small Obelisk from the granite rock in the north-eastern part of the quarry. This process, according to the version of the local rangers, looked like as follows:

Everyone has rights to any version. But our main purpose - is to collect all the possible facts, in order to have as solid as possible foundation, that could help us to announcing our own version.

While searching the facts, let us return to the main subject of our interest - the Aswan Obelisk. After we came down into the trench, we saw the markup on the vertical wall of the Obelisk and on the opposite wall of the quarry:


We made a large number of measurements there. This statistics gave us the opportunity to conclude, that  the distance between the lines on the Obelisk wall makes 28 cm, and  on the wall of the quarry - 60 cm. Moreover, the wall of the quarry has a clearly visible "grid" - 60x60 cm. As far as for the Obelisk, the distance between the parallel vertical lines on its wall,  is the same as the distance between the grooves on the floor of the trench. Moreover, the floor grooves match the vertical lines:


Below are the pictures, showing the extra-long pit near the Aswan Obelisk. The pit, which we see on the first two photos, continues to a height of 7 meters up to the wall of the quarry. Now it is hardly visible on the far wall, as the rest part was destroyed while the process of quarrying.


At the moment, our researches of the Aswan Obelisk were finished. Probably, future expeditions of our research team will have much to identify, locate and explore.

Let's go further along the Aswan granit quarries and turn to the south-west from the Obelisk.The photos of artifacts are shown below.

The south-western quarry:






A large area of the granite rock has traces of erosion. The crust, formed on the surface of granite, separated from the main body of the rock and lifted to a height of 5 cm. The reason for such erosion could be water, which regularly flooded the quarry. The water is still presents in the southwestern part of the quarry.


For the artifact, shown below, we have no explanation and comments.


Only the artifacts itself know their purposes and origin. But our purpose - is to collect facts and to study them carefully, in order to try to get closer to this truth.

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