Nubian Museum

The museum is located in the most southern part of Aswan. The Nubian Museum covers an area of 50,000 square meters. 7,000 of which are devoted to the building, while the rest are devoted to gardens and other public spaces.The building has three floors for displaying and housing, in addition to a library and information center. The largest part of the museum is occupied by the monumental pieces, reflecting phases of the development of Nubian culture and civilization.

Three thousands pieces of antiquities, representing various ages; Geological, Pharaonic, Roman, Coptic and Islamic, were registered. The open-door exhibition includes 90 rare monumental pieces, while the internal halls contain 50 invaluable pieces dating back to pre-historic times, 503 pieces belong to the Pharaonic period, 52 of Coptic era, 103 of Islamic age, 140 of Nubian era, in addition to 360 pieces reflecting the history of Aswan.

All the pieces, represented in the territory of Nubian Museum are of a great interest to the historians and researches. But we would like to show you the most interesting one.

This so-called "basalt vase", officialy dated by the Roman period.



It seems, that this vase could be done with the help"potter's wheel." However, there are no any concentric tracks on the inner surface, which processed much better, than outer one. The thickness of 6 cm, sustained over the entire surface of the vase. All these facts shows a high technology method of manufacturing of this piece.

There is also another basalt vase in the backyard of the museum, but the quality and technology of its processing is absolutely different. Both internal and external surface of the vase has noticeable deviations from the spherical shape.


Below are some pictures, taken inside the museum.





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