Abu- Gurab

Solar Temple of Neuserra

The Solar Temple of Niuserra is located 600 meters to the north of the Temple of Userkaf. The Temple of Neuserra was discovered by British archaeologist John Perring. Some time later, the archaeological works and researches were held by German archaeologists Ludwig Borchardt, Friedrich von Bissingen and Schaefer.

The whole complex is surrounded by a stone wall ( perimeter 100 x 75 meters). The Obelisk of Niuserra is the main structure of the complex. Now we can see only ruins of its pedestal, which form is much alike a truncated pyramid, with a height of about 20 meters. The first rows of its masonry is lined with red granite facing blocks. The rest part of the pedestal is made of limestone blocks. There is an alabaster Altar from the eastern side of the Obelisk. The 3D model is showed below the scheme.

3D programming by Alexei Kruzer © avalon




















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