The Unfinished Pyramid of Djedefre

The Unfinished Pyramid Djedefre is located eight kilometers north-west of the Great Pyramids of Giza, near the Egyptian village of Abu Rawash. The Abu Rawash plateau is located 100 meters higher above the plateau of Giza. The Pyramid Complex of Giza and Saqqara is easily visible from here. Today, the Pyramid of Djedefre is runed. The maximum height of its walls reaches 11 meters.

The original length of the sides, forming the basement perimeter of the Pyramid, made 106 m. Up to the present day the Pyramid have lost most of its casing, and the lengthit of its sides now makes only 97 meters. The Pyramid is made of limestone blocks. The external casing of the bottom masonry of the Pyramid was made of blocks of red granite.

The basement perimeter of the Pyramid - 106 x 106 m
The height (original) - 67 m
The height (today) - 11.4 m
The total volume of the Pyramid - 131.043 m ³
The slope of the Pyramid's sides - 52 °
Deviation from magnetic North - 0,8 °

The external perimeter of the Pyramid of Djedefre and its surroundings.


















  • The slope of the Pyramid masonry blocks to the direction of the Pyramid's center - 10 ° -12 °
  • The slope of the basement masonry from the north, west and east - 18 degrees. (The slope was measured in all the available places)
  • The slope of the granite blocks of the first masonry row of the Pyramid - 10,9 ° - 12,4 °
  • The slope of the limestone blocks of the first masonry row of the Pyramid - 7,8 °
    (the heigh of the limestone blocks is lower, than the heigh of the granit blocks)
  • The slope of the plateau against the horizon line - 20 °







The Descenging Passage of the Pyramid.












The slope of the Descending Passage is - 26,3 ° -26,9 °, which is close to the standard slopes of the Pyramid's Passages. (The small deviation error is caused by the unevenness of the floor and wall surface).

The Interior of the Pyramid.
















Granite slab on the eastern side of the Pyramid.









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