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Introduce Yourself
7th_GuestDate: Wednesday, 27.02.2013, 03:38 | Message # 1
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Dear Guests and registrated Users!

To become a Forum Member, and to get the access to all of its sections, please, leave a short information about yourself here. Your short intro will also help forum participants to understand your interests better, thus making easier to create new topics on different subjects.

Note: The main Forum of ISIDA Project is in Russian language and located here. It has much more information, much more discussions and much more members from all over the World.

You are free to choose which Forum to take part in. If you created your account here - it will also work in Russian version of ISIDA Project Forum and vice versa. To convert Russian version of ISIDA Project Forum to any language - just choose your language at the very top of the web-site and press "Enter".

! In order to be transferred to a Member of Russian Forum and to get access to all of it's topics, which are invisible for a Guest,you need to introduce Yourself in Russian thread "Introduce Yourself".

Welcome to ISIDA Project Society!

1. Your Name

2. Country/City

3. Age

4. Occupation

5. Interests

6. How do I knew about this forum?

7. My expedition experience (if yes)

8. What I want to get from the Project for myself?

9. What I want to share with the Project members?
paulDate: Wednesday, 18.11.2015, 06:11 | Message # 2
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Canada Toronto
Prop and Set fabricator
Found it on internet
No expedition experience to Egypt
Explore new theories and have my theories critically evaluated
My hypothesis on the great pyramid
apputnamDate: Wednesday, 18.11.2015, 18:40 | Message # 3
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1. Andrew

2. Austalia/Melbourne

3. 42

4. Engineering/Design

5. Jazz, ancient mysteries

6. Google search

7. No expedition experience to Egypt but plan to

8. Discussion and gain knowledge

9. Questions, theorys, and if possible knowledge. I am very curious about the 'Otmans Hole' in Menkaures pyramid. I have seen some maps where it shows a tunnel that goes inside and then down vertically through the centra axis of the structure- who made it, what is in it, are threre any pictures of the inside, and where does it lead to: just a dead end?
i_tango2004Date: Monday, 20.02.2017, 17:34 | Message # 4
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1. Floyd

2. United States / Buffalo

3. 77

4. Engineer - Communication Systems

5. The cosmos, photography, and lots more.

6. A link from a like minded person.

7. Did some digs for <13k y.o. mastedons, etc.

8. I like banging heads, to get other info and perspectives.

9. I of course have my own perspectives. Looking for devil's advocates or support as the case may be. :)
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