Osirion - is the underground building, adjacent to the western wall of the Temple of Seti I at Abydos. Osireion was discovered by archaeologists Flinders Petrie and Margaret Murray, who excavated the site in 1902-1903. Only in 1914 Osirion was cleared from sand. The level of the Osirion floor is about 8 meters below the Temple of Seti I. Professor Neville ( Egypt Exploration Society) said, that Osirion is one of the most ancient buildings of Egypt.

Orientation of the building - 28 degrees ti the east.

According to the scheme of Professor Naville, this underground structure is as follows:

(Click the mouse on the image of the camera to get a picture from the corresponding place.)

Let us look clearly what is inside.





















For better view of the scale of construction, see a brief video below.

Lets study the room "J", which in the Neville's scheme is marked as the "Tomb of Osiris".




According to the first reports on the excavations of Osirion - the roof of the building was absent. Fragments of it were found on the bottom of the building and moved to the top.


Left picture: The excavations at Abydos. Great Pond and the Tomb of Osiris. E. Navill. Year 1914.

Right picture: Photo of the preliminary report of the expedition to Abydos in 1925 - 1926 H. Frankfort.
Journal on Egyptian Archaeology. Part 12.№ 3/4. (October 1926). p. 157-165

The only thing, that might give even the slightest idea of ​​the roof architecture - is the only one surviving fragment of the block, located above the entrance to the room "J". Professor Neville marked it on his scheme as the "Tomb of Osiris". Lets examine it carefully and calculate the angle of the roof arch with the help of "Autocad" software. (Calculatings made ​​by Alex Kruzer).



Below are the angles of ceiling inclination inside the room "J":


The arches of the inner chamber of the Pyramid of Khafre (Giza):


The arches of the inner chamber of the Pyramid of Neferheteps (Saqqara):


The real entrance to the Pyramid of Khufu:


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